• To expand the frontiers of the knowledge for every individual to achieve his / her goals and to provide service to our communities.
  • Building tomorrow’s leaders’ academic excellence and character development.
  • The college will be involved in preparing teachers who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services in a changing and complex global scenario.




  • To prepare students to gland theory with practice, to think critically and to interact effectively in a technologically complex, global society
  • To generate knowledge and develop individuals who will be able to work efficiently in the global competitive world.
  • To create and sustain a community of bearing that sticks on to social, ethical, ecological and cultural uplift.
  • To adopt in the present study is descriptive research or survey method.
  • The students may be trained to teach their lesson linked with teaching techniques.
  • Personality influences the behaviors of the teacher in diverse ways, such as interaction with students methods selected, and bearing experience chose.
  • The effective use of technology and the analysis and development of leadership and educational policy.